Cake Smash Magic

Did you know that I work with a TEAM of people to make sure that we nail your cake smash set up! All you have to do is tell us the theme you desire (Unicorn, Ice Cream, Harry Potter, etc.) and we will collaborate on both cake and decor!


What do I bring?

Outfit(s), 1-2 for first birthday portraits & 1 for themed cake smash (will get messy).
Bag for Cake Smash outfit
Lots of wipes!

Since Cake is included, what if there is an allergy?

Once session is booked - you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out. Please include that and our baker will make a special cake for your kiddo!

Why does the cake smash only take place indoors?

While it may seem like more of a mess, I can quickly wipe up the cake on my reusable floor board. I rather not have the cake fall in grass / dirt, or flies land on it. Plus it may be too hot, or too cold - making it less enjoyable for your child. Just trust me on this decision!

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