Kiersten {Lead Photographer}

You can find Kiersten taking charge being the lead photographer. Her bright and welcoming personality creates a positive atmosphere during your session making sure only the best smiles come out! She believes candid photos make the mama’s happy, so tickling your child or letting them act crazy is highly recommended.

Kiersten is currently living in the Highland Spring area with her Fiancé, Jordan, and their 2 and a half year old daughter, Adalynn (Addie). A wedding date has been set for 5/23/2020 - #RussosNoblePrize !

Operating the studio on the out skirts of Richmond, she's able to do photography full time while also raising her daughter in between - Thanks to you!

Daryl {Associate Photographer}

Daryl is in charge of business headshots and is second shooter for most wedding packages.

He is a father of four beautiful young adults, and a new grandfather! He arrived in Va from CT in 1990. He's always loved photography and connecting with people. To him, photography is the ability to make time stand still and share thoughts, scenes, memories and very special moments that we may cherish forever. 

Things he takes seriously: his love for his family, personal growth, and delivering the best portraits possible.

Ilaria (Assistant}

She’s currently a senior at Patrick Henry High School so she’s only with me part time <hoping to snag her more during those school breaks!> but she’s such a HUGE help. Her next goals are to complete the SATs and prepare for early admission to CNU - she’d like to major in marketing! Oh - she also has a twin brother, as well as many other awesome siblings!

P.S. WERE NOT RELATED. It really makes us giggle but we probably get that almost every session, I think it’s because we’re both Italian!

When she’s not busy with school and prepping for college, you can find Ilaria literally being my right hand woman! I’m also mentoring her so she can expand her marketing career to add on photography - the two really go great together!